983 / 20034 Bowl / Ashtray #13

155 ø 49 h 820g
983 / 20034 Ashtray983 / 20034 Ashtray


155 ø  49h 820g

Adolf Matura,

Rosice 1962 pattern number 983 and Hermanova Hut 1961 pattern 20034

Tiny impact crater in bowl, some fleabites to basal ring.

Ref: Sklo Union: Art Before Industry

Further research has revealed that both published references are innacurate and that this ashtray was probably only made in the nominal 15cm size.

It is also possible that the 20034 Hermanova Hut attribution is incorrect. The ashtray IS attributed in Czech Glass Revue 1963/7 as Hermanova 20034 but this uses the same photograph that is used in other editions of CGR with 983 Rosice attribution. The 1962 attribution in Newhall is unsupported and clearly an error. Newhall also shows the same object from different angles in his database for Rosice/Hermanova AND both sizes. The attribution to Libochovice and 12cm size are errors from a 1980s Matura exhibition catalogue and the 17cm size error from the 1972 Gottwaldov catalogue. See Glass Messages Board for fuller discussion.

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